Saturday, May 5, 2018

Ganja Devisa Negara (The Value of Cannabis)

The long journey of legalizing marijuana occurring overseas needs to be our concern. Now, in Europe, Asia and America are competing to manage marijuana and sell it globally. The real examples are Canada and Netherlands, they have exported marijuana to Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Brazil, and so forth. China has too, they traded processed fibers of cannabis to all over of the globe. Canada earned xxx rupiah, The Netherlands earned xxx rupiah. China knows how many results, in fact they become the country with the strongest economy today. Indonesia should be must! we are one of the largest cannabis-producing countries in the world. Given the fertile and vastness of our homeland. Thousands of tons of marijuana burned, when he can provide foreign exchange for the country. Stop being redundant! Let's take our natural results.*Thanks to MosaTasya and Imam who execute the mural

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