Friday, March 2, 2018


This mural made to nudge the young workers who did not realize how important to create something. I hear a lot of  stories from my friends that already working but not satisfied. Actually, the ideal job is a related to skills and passions from each individuals. I think that lived in Jakarta which is a harsh city, you must have “oxygen tube”. The oxygen tube that I meant is to make a creation who related with your skill and passion. Because in my opinion this is a refreshing moment to re-spirited for you to do your daily boring jobs.

The visual that I made is a white donkey. Donkey is the symbolic of surrender, colonized, too obedient and exploited, can also means with general term is stupid. The white color symbolic of sperm, sperm that we know is the beginning of life (potential). Overall this mural tells about a potential who didn't channeled, so a young people who did not have creation is a barren (impotence).

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