Friday, June 15, 2018


This artwork tells about a problems who experienced by a young people in Indonesia. Yes, left behind married by their ex-lover. Some people have been experienced it. Many are has still single status with no have girlfriend or boyfriend experienced it this problems, where their ex-lover have married. Maybe from this problem, Me as a creator have own statement, that for everyone who have single status whose their ex-lover have married will be traumatic to look at a people use a ring in their ring finger who wants to try to approach or start a new relationship with them. Hopefully this artwork inspires.

Maulana Ibrahim : 7 times left behind married
Syams Riadio : 1 times left behind married

Thanks to Maulana Ibrahim who can speak up for their extraordinary problems, Hopefully this artwork can inspire to you, me and some people who experienced this problems

For Maulana Ibrahim, I suggest to throw away your something mystically in your wallet, I think it’s the cause

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