Sunday, November 5, 2017

The Melting Point (Project Collaboration with Micro Galleries)

This time, I collaborated with Micro Galleries, a global project inisiators that aim in public art. Micro Galleries aims to demonstrate that art is for everyone and can have a positive impact on a community. This project aims to bringing unexpected art to unexpected places throughout the laneways, corners and secret spots of this vibrant kampung (Kebayoran Lama, Jakarta) and making a hidden labyrinth of open-air galleries. Over 50 artist across Indonesia and around the world join this project.

The spot that I execute on the “warung” (daily products store). I choose the spot because warung bears the power of an economic wheel in residential areas, especially in the many kampung in Jakarta. More in its social function, a warung often because the point of departure for social lives among residents (or our direct data shows that it functions as a forum for housewives to gossip). This piece tells a story about an important element in bringing a community to live using a mural. The content plays with colors group and geometric visuals based on shapes that interpret several key words such as the economy, social function, roles, values, and aesthetics. In its context, this piece talks about a public space that bears a function for the public.

*Thanks to Mosa and Dika who execute the mural.

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